Sunday, February 8, 2015


More Music Room Centers!!!
My students love doing centers!!!!

Each student in the group has one cup and the group must come up with a pattern to pass the cups.

Pitch Reading Practice
Picked up this little tool at the convention last week!  
Student groups for centers are right now leveled by their pitch reading capabilities.
At this center, right next to me, students can practice reading bass and treble clef.

More pitch reading fun!!  
Students use their recorder or the xylophone and play the pitches on the cards.  
Fifth graders use these cards.  Fourth grade students use other cards.

Music Madness
A board game I made years ago to practice treble clef pitch reading.

Musical Pairs
Rhythm Rockets
Artie Almeida Music Proficiency Pack

Don't Break The Ice
Music Symbols on the ice cubes.  
Students draw a term, typed on paper, and tap out the matching symbol.

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