Monday, February 18, 2013

Music Genre Project

We have spent several weeks learning about music genres, what makes a genre unique, and how to defend our musical preference in a musical way.  (This unit is based on Band Slam clips from the Grammy Hall of Fame.)  As a final project the students develop a CD cover for their own "band".  This is the back of the cover and they do a creative artistic design on the other side!  Look in the next few weeks for some samples!!

Band Kids are fun!!

I got to spend the weekend filling in for the PWHS Band at the Colorado State University - Pueblo Festival of Winds Honor Band.  My only issue was reminding myself that I am the teacher and not one of them!!  I am always amazed that you can work through 5 pieces of music in two days and have them performance ready.  The highlight of this festival (in addition of course to the final concert) were the 5 concerts for the students to relax and enjoy.  I enjoyed having the chance to enjoy everything from a full brass band to an electric bassoon!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brass Week for second grade!!  They have been learning about brass instruments and today my student teacher demonstrated trumpet and flugelhorn, then we borrowed a sousaphone from the high school and all the kids got to give it a try (with disinfectant spray between of course).  The kids LOVED it!!