Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Love this for 5th grade first day.  They struggled with the activity, then we discussed that they had been taught all these things throughout elementary school and that they will all be on the district music test in February.  This led us to a discussion about paying attention, practicing, and retaining what they learn while in the music room.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rockstar Music Room

 My hallway board, just took last years notes off the staff and will add a picture of each class being rockstars throughout the year!
 Blooms Taxonomy for the music room!!  Love this as a constant reminder.
 Frames for important things!!
Music Alphabet!  I need to be better about reinforcing vocabulary so I decided to attempt a word wall this year!!  This rocking' alphabet set was perfect!

 Gotta have those standards posted!
Promethean Board/ Piano Wall
 School character education words and definitions.
Love these clouds from Mrs. Dennis as a warm up and review activity for all grades.

I needed a new theme to my room this year, so I decided Mrs. Kuhlman's Rockstars!!  A few years ago a parent gave me a box of 50 old scratched records to use how I wished.  I melted and made bowls and used some for programs, but this year they helped me decorate!