Monday, November 9, 2015

John Denver and Kids, it just makes sense!

I love using children's books as part of my curriculum.  I use them for teaching concepts, but some days I just want to sing with them!  The students of the John Denver and Kids series.  There are 5 total and my students asked if they would make more!!  

Halloween 2015

I've always wanted to be a princess!!
My staff decided to all be Disney characters this year, so I jumped at the chance to be Cinderella!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bulletin Board Display

I try to change my hallway display once per month so I thought I would post so far this year.

This is always a go to board for the beginning of the year and I added pics with the description for the younger students.

I have been incorporating art into the music room this year, as the students do not get an art class.  I started with a bang in September.  September 15 is International Dot Day, based on the book, The Dot by Peter H Reynolds.  This display was later accompanied by artwork from every child in the school!!  Each grade used a different medium and they loved the experience and discussions about leaving their mark on the world.  I was able to expand on the concept, discussing how musicians who have left their mark.  (Somehow I don't have a pic of the final wall.)

I love this one and the explanations (zoom in) but next time I will add pics for the little kiddos!!

Anchor charts

So... I'm not sure if anchor charts are for the students or serve as a visual reminder for me.  I love the active listening one I made and can refer to to correct or redirect students, it hangs near where I stand in the room.  The other chart reminds me what to have the kids look for when examining a new piece of music.