Thursday, December 25, 2014

Keeping Up Our Craft

I perform on my flute and piccolo with the Pueblo Municipal Band.  I have also become the vocalist for them this year!  I have so much fun.  There have been years that I did not have a musical outlet for myself other than in the classroom.  I have so much more enthusiasm in my teaching when I can share my passion in another way.  I encourage you all to keep performing!!!

Pueblo Municipal Band Christmas Concert 2014!!

Elf On A Shelf In the Music Room

A student asked in early December why there was not an Elf On The Shelf In the music room.  
So I decided to give it a try.

Day 1 and 2: The elf arrived hanging out with our friend Leo with these notes: 


Day 2 Hanging in the tree...

Days 3 and 4 He found out that the students voted and his name is Jimmy Jingles!
            He discovered instruments around the classroom!  Jimmy Jingles also left us a song to sing.

Days 5 and 6:  Jimmy Jingles discovered the recorder!!!

We only had 6 school days after Jimmy joined us before break!  For the two literacy testing days he   hung out in the wreath near my desk watching me grade papers and do grades.
Jimmy came home with me for the break and we received his door to the North Pole from a friend.
He will be back to the music room next year!!!


As a music teacher I think it is important for students to recognize music that is familiar in the world around them.   For example a student several years ago, upon hearing the main theme of the Hallelujah Chorus, excitedly told me that he knew where the song was from.  Spongebob!, he told me excitedly.  Along these lines I teach third graders a unit based on the Nutcracker Ballet,  We focus on form, overture, ballet, theme, history, and instruments.  We do movement, rhythm and singing activities in addition to attending a performance at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center.  The unit and activities are always very exciting for the students.  This year I added a Nutcracker Spotting wall where students could add where they had heard music from the Nutcracker outside of the music room.  Students from all grades participated in this activity and it was a huge success.

After attending the ballet the students write a review of the performance.  All students should see the value of writing in all subjects.  We discuss what a review is and read samples, the students pre write and then write a final draft.  I grade the students on content for this piece.  Here are a few cute ones.